Gyaaa! Kawaii!

I want to sit and take a moment to appreciate the genius of the GameCube controller. Here we are a full decade and a half after its inception, and the thing is still in high demand! Granted, it’s the last traditional controller that Nintendo prioritized for a console, but that’s beside the point. It was a perfect, comfortable fit for the hands, and it still remains the best way to play Super Smash Bros and indeed, most non-motion Nintendo games.

With that in mind, here is a brand new GameCube controller design from Hori, and yes, it even features Pikachu! We’re partying like its the turn of the millennium up in this piece!

Unlike a normal GameCube controller, which will require a special adapter to use on the Wii U, this one will plug right in to a Wii Remote and is directly compatible with Super Smash Bros. This one also sports a turbo button to spam attacks and a frequency gauge for better timing.

The previously spotted Mario and Luigi GameCube controllers can also be used in the same way. The controllers all launch in Japan on Nov. 20 for 3,434 yen (roughly $30), and they will be available for the release of Super Smash Bros. on Dec. 6.

The American release of Super Smash Bros. is this Friday, Nov. 21, so if you want one on time, better import quickly with overnight international shipping. Good luck with that one.

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