Ever wonder what it looks like when Pikachu is tired and just can't even? South Korean audiences recently found out at a Pokémon musical event. At least one segment featured a plethora of prancing, people-sized Pikachu, bouncing along first to Uptown Funk, then to what Destructoid says is Hairspray (I'm going to believe them on that one). About a minute into the video, though, one of the front-and-center Pokémen starts to literally deflate.

They're full of air?

Apparently the insides of those costumes are filled with inflatable sections. I guess I never thought about it before. Apparently that particular Pikachu sprang a leak, though, and officials quickly rush in to get it off-stage. It looks more like they're taking down a would-be shooter than getting a costumed dancer out of sight.

That's not all, though. The other Pikachu go on with the show as if nothing had happened and then, at about 4:20, the disappeared Pikachu attempts to make its return back to the show, only for things to immediately go wrong as the audience laughs exactly the same way I was by this point.

It's so weird to see the character start to droop like that, and I can't help but watch it over and over. Whether or not you let your youngest Pokéfans watch along or not is up to you.