Photo OS X

Many were left surprised when Apple announced it would abandon development on Aperture. But with deeper focus on its new Photos app, which we saw briefly at WWDC, Apple has the opportunity to create an experience designed for both regular consumers and professionals. An Apple representative even said as much in a statement to Ars Technica.

Talking about what we can expect when the Photos app launches, an Apple rep said it'll feature "professional-grade features such as image search, editing, effects and most notably, third-party extensibility." When Photos was announced, Apple shared a screen cap of the app, showing off some of the editing controls users can expect; things like Exposure, Highlights, Color, Definition, White Balance, and much more.

Once the Photos app launches early next year, Aperture users will be able to migrate their existing libraries over. Immediately upon announcing the demise of Aperture, Apple released a statement talking about the benefits of Photos and iCloud Photo Library; Photos for OS X is expected to ship next year. In the meantime, Aperture will be updated to ensure Yosemite compatibility despite no further development being planned.