I know how ridiculous that headline is, believe me. Apple CEO Tim Cook could have any number of things in his pocket at any given time: a wad of cash, a checkbook, an iPhone 7 Plus, tickets to Saturday’s Mayweather/McGregor fight.

But people seem convinced a recent photo of Cook at a manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, Ohio is proof he’s testing the iPhone 8. No, really.

The image is a portrait of any modern human who owns a smartphone, its rectangular shape outlined in the pocket of a nice pair of pants. It’s like seeing the outline of a wallet in someone’s back pocket.

Normally the photo wouldn’t elicit this kind of emotional response, but seeing as we’re so close to an Apple event, speculation is running wild from fans who want to believe, believe that the CEO of the industry’s biggest company is carrying an iPhone we’ve seen a lot of over the past two weeks.

And why shouldn’t he be testing an iPhone 8? He’s Tim Cook!

Below is a Tweet from an astute observer, who pointed out that the outline in Cook’s pocket is “too tall to be an iPhone 7 and too narrow to be a 7 Plus.” Thinking face emoji

You know what else is too tall to be an iPhone 7 and too narrow to be an iPhone 7 Plus? Samsung’s Galaxy S8. Tim Cook uses a Galaxy S8 confirmed. (We kid, we kid)