ipad_mini_dock_headphoneNowhereelse.fr is becoming the mecca of all things Apple. On top of leaking what is alleged to be the iPhone 5's new dock connector, the site has acquired a flex component cable for the allusive iPad Mini. So what? It gives us an idea of the headphone jack placement and also reveals that, as expected, the device will come with the smaller 8-pin dock connection.

The photo lays it out in plain english, though whether or not it's authentic is up for debate. Previous case leaks and other information have pegged the headphone jack to be in the usual spot of the current iPad (top left), so the information gleaned from this leak is new in that regard. It would make sense that, because the iPhone 5's headphone jack is relocating to the bottom, Apple would keep the new design consistent.

Apple's supposed September 12 announcement is less than a month away, and the way things are going, we might know everything that's coming our way before Tim Cook takes the stage.

[via MacRumors]