Everyone’s favorite defense lawyer is seeing his original trilogy of games being ported to the Nintendo 3DS and iOS in a nice, neat, unobjectionable package. Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection brings Phoenix Wright into a much higher resolution, and many are wondering what his games will look like.

Capcom has released several screenshots comparing the latest release to the pixelated style found in the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS iterations. Some might have been hoping for the excellent 3D models used in the Nintendo 3DS original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, but Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection instead opts for a more high resolution 2D art approach.

I love the classic look of the pixelated games, and Dual Destinies also converted me into believing the series could work in 3D. I’m not so sure if I’m digging the high resolution middle ground, though. Phoenix just looks straight up mean, and the style looks like it could be complicated to animate. I’ll watch the trailers, and decide from there. I luckily still have the original carts if I ever want to jump back in to the first games again.

Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection has not been confirmed for an American release yet, but seeing as though the games are already translated, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. This is separate from a brand new game in the series which the director of Dual Destinies is currently working on for a 2014 release. We are glad Capcom is keeping us supplied with at least one of these games.