Ace Attorney Investigations

Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection, the high-resolution 3D reworking of the original Nintendo DS Phoenix Wright trilogy, has been available in Japan for two months with a full English translation packed in. What's holding Capcom back from releasing it in America?

Not too much beyond timing at this point. Capcom has confirmed that the bundle will be released this winter in Western territories. Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyJustice for All, and Trials and Tribulations will all be included in the package, and each has been retooled with new art and 3D effects not found in the original.

That's not the only good news from the Ace Attorney series either. Fans have been nagging Capcom for quite some time to localize Ace Attorney Investigations 2Gyakuten Kenji 2the second game in the spin-off series starring Phoenix Wrights's rival Miles Edgeworth, but Capcom responded with the localization not being financially rewarding enough to undertake.

Naturally, this means fans went about translating the game on their own, and that fan patch it now available. I'm not one for stealing games through emulation, but if a publisher refuses to make a game available or translate it into an understandable language, then it is no loss of a sale on their part. You can find the patch here at GBATemp, but please order the physical game from Japan on your own to keep balance in the universe intact.