Capcom has confirmed that the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be released in North America this coming Dec. 9. The bundle will pack together the first three games in the text adventure series from the Nintendo DS, and it will give the pixelated graphics a major overhaul with fully realized character art.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney first launched in America in 2005, and its subsequent games followed in the wake of its surprise success. Together with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Justice For All and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Trials and Tribulations, all three games tell the best episodic courtroom dramas in the series as well as a wonderful overarching plot that wraps up nicely at the very end.

They are also home to expressive characters and their art, meaning the new animations will only help to play up the games’ strengths even further. It’s not the miraculous jump into 3D we saw with Dual Destinies on the Nintendo 3DS, but it looks impressive enough to warrant a revisit for old fans. Capcom has released a few comparison shots to show the difference between the two versions, so you can base your purchasing judgment on them.

Again, the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will release on Dec. 9 in America for the Nintendo 3DS.