Thanks to all the huge releases over the last few months, this is one that sadly fell off my radar. Capcom’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy bundles the first three Nintendo DS games from the series into a single 3DS package, and it gives them a graphical overhaul to smooth out the pixels with the higher resolution.

The leap in quality is definitely noticeable, and keep in mind that these were originally Game Boy Advance games in Japan. The more detailed art is a welcome addition to the franchise, even if it doesn’t quite match the standards of smooth the 3D models Phoenix Wright:  Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies added to the mix.

As much as I loved these games the first time through though, they don’t really bring too much to the table in terms of replay value. The graphical boost might be enough for some fans to jump back in, but I get the feeling this is mostly for new-comers who didn’t get the chance to play these the first time around.

That being said, it seems like a good time to relive the career of Phoenix Wright. These games are home to some of the best writing and character designs in video gaming, and enough time has probably passed for me to forget all the solutions to their batty logic puzzles. If wonderful anime storytelling is your thing, and you still haven’t played these games, then I can’t recommend the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy enough.

And who knows? If it does well, maybe Capcom will get around to translating The Great Ace Attorney or Ace Attorney Investigations 2. I’m worried about the future of this series in America, and it seems like money is the only way we can express our love for it.