Philips on Monday announced new white ambiance connected lights that work with its “Hue” system of connected light bulbs. The white ambiance bulbs will allow customers to set the bulbs to project “every shade of white light from cool daylight (6500k) to warm white (2200k)” using the Philips Hue application on their smartphones. These lights are different than the current white bulbs (which I own) that keep the light at a warm 2700k.

There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to change your white light to different shades. The cooler colors can be better for staying awake – it’s why you see that color used frequently inside of office spaces – while the warmer whites can be great for reading at night, relaxing, or even getting up in the morning.

“A “Routines” feature can set the lights to change with the rising and setting of the sun. “Wake up’ routine gently increases in brightness to naturally wake you up in the morning on time,” Philips explained. “Replicating the sun setting, ‘Go to sleep’ routine gradually dims until it is off, preparing your body for falling asleep.”

Philips said the new bulbs will launch this spring.