Philips is officially bringing HomeKit support to its line of Hue smart bulbs and lamps. The company announced a new Bridge product on Monday that will make it possible to control your lights by talking to Siri.

The Bridge 2.0 can connect up to 50 bulbs, and should work with future products too. You’ll be able to control specific lights in your house by giving Siri a command. You can also preset more complicated requests like “Night mode” or “Morning mode” so the entire house is ready as soon as you get home at night or wake up in the morning. “Relax mode” will automatically reduce brightness, or you can tell Siri to dim the lights by a specific percent.

Philips also announced a new and brighter A19 bulb, though older bulbs will also work with the new Bridge 2.0. As for the old Bridge unit, it should continue to get updates moving forward, though it won’t support Siri controls.

The new Bridge will be available on Tuesday for $59, and there’s also a starter kit with three bulbs thrown in for $199. If you already own the old Bridge, you can also get a 33 percent discount on the new model when you order between November 1 and December 31.

The company’s website appears to offline temporarily, likely due to an influx of visitors, but hopefully it will be back up and running in time for the official launch tomorrow.