Jet Force Gemini

It's no secret that fans of Rare from the Nintendo 64 days don't exactly see the Rare of today as the same entity. Many employees from the company's peak have left to follow other ventures, and despite Microsoft wanting to avoid it, it has become the poster child for the Kinect.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has commented before about how he is also a fan of the old Rare and would like to see those days return. In a recent Twitter post, he commented on his trip to the studio in England and gave a hint at the kind of game the company is currently making.

Now the only question is if this is uniquely a Rare game from the olden days or uniquely a Rare game of the modern age. Just earlier this week, it came out that Microsoft filed a trademark for something new with the Battletoads franchise, which was an early Rare hit on the NES and in arcades. Maybe this is the revival he is hinting at.

Then again, maybe not. I'm about as skeptical as they come with any new Rare announcements these days.