A week or so ago, a rumor pointed towards October for a massive batch of Microsoft hardware releases. One of the units in the pile of stuff supposedly coming out was an Xbox Mini.

The Xbox Mini was going to skip the optical drive, be a third of the size of the Xbox One and consume far less power. That console? It’s apparently bunk.

Phil Spencer responded to a fan’s question regarding the device on Twitter, as he so often does.

“Not real.” Sure, you could split hairs here and say that “not real” isn’t an entire dismisal given the line of questioning in the tweet that preceeded the response. What’s “not real?” The name? The release month? The fact that it’s coming at all?

For now, let’s assume it’s the latter. So Phil sayeth, so it is done.

Would you even want a disc drive-less Xbox One? I mean, I’m down for the size and power decrease, but I still rely on physical media far too much to see it nixed from a console altogether. My 500GB HD has been full for months now.