Fez developer Phil Fish stopped by Barcelona's gaming convention, Gamelab 2012, and delivered a scheduled speech to gamers and upcoming developers. During the speech, he announced that he is developing two new titles at the moment, one of them predating his popular 2D platformer.

"I started working on one of them during the development of Fez, but I had to leave to focus on finishing Fez."

The independent game developer has achieved quite a reputation over the past year after Fez scored big on Xbox Live Arcade. The game's development process was also caught on camera and appeared extensively in the Sundance Film Festival award winning documentary Indie Game: The Movie.

Fez launched a handful of new ideas about how games can interact with the real world, featuring many puzzles which required tools and knowledge outside the game. One puzzle proved to be so difficult, the entire gaming community united together to work it out as a team. The game also tickled the nostalgia bone of many old time NES gamers with its charming pixelated graphics and quirky platforming gimmick of rotating a 3D world to create 2D platformes.

Not much else is known about his new projects other than they are underway. Fez is available for Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points. Indie Game: The Movie is also highly recommended and can be purchased at the main website or through any other digital distribution network.

[via Polygon]