Although Apple Music offers features like Beats One and Connect, it’s pretty similar to other services already on the market. As of now, it doesn’t look like there’s enough substance there to pry people away from competitors like Spotify, but that could change once people get a taste of the three month trial period when the service launches on June 30.

Another way Apple is hoping to lure subscribers is by offering exclusive content, and it already has a huge scoop: a new song from Pharrell.

The Grammy-winning artist on Tuesday teased a new single, “Freedom,” that’ll be exclusive to the service. A song titled “Freedom” that’s exclusive to one service? You don’t say.

Irony aside, getting an artist like Pharrell to share music exclusively through Apple’s platform is a solid way to introduce the service. Three free months was already enough to pique interest, and this exclusive single will likely be the extra nudge people need to realize that Apple is serious about its streaming future. It also shows Apple is committed to taking on other popular services on the market.

Whether Pharrell’s “Freedom” will eventually make it to other services remains to be seen. Apple Music is already primed to explode, and if it can offer exclusive content from some of today’s biggest artists, it won’t be long until it’s the streaming service everyone uses.

Despite the service’s recent controversy, that publicity may have actually benefitted the service in that more people are aware of its existence.

We’ll find out when Apple Music launches on June 30.