Phantom Dust has officially been vaporware'd. The title was announced at E3 back in 2014, and with each passing mention of it, Microsoft seemed to get more and more ambiguous. Since then, though, the studio developing it closed down and has since spoken out about how it believes Microsoft mishandled the budget entirely.

Now we have Microsoft's official statement on the game, from Marketing Head of Xbox Aaron Greenberg, who says in an interview with Gamertag Radio that the game is not canceled but it's not exactly proceeding, either.

"It has been a passion project for Phil and a lot of folks on the team and we are currently exploring what we are going to do in the long term. The project is not cancelled. We don't have an active developer on it right now."

We pretty much already knew this to be the case, but now that we know Microsoft's stance on the game, we can begin to move on. This is just the risk of developing a fan-favorite game that doesn't have a huge user base.

I survived the Mega Man Legends 3 debacle with a few strands of dignity, and I'm sure the Phantom Dust fans will be able to walk out into the sun again some time as well. Who knows? Maybe it will be rejuvenated somewhere down the line.