After Microsoft's and Darkside's Phantom Dust reboot keeled over and disappeared from the face of the Earth, Microsoft emerged from the situation not really looking like the good guy. It sounds like someone in the company had gotten a little too overambitious with promises but forgot that the studio developing the game with a mere $5 million budget.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has tried to explain the situation many times, but bad blood can still be felt swirling in the fanbase's veins. Let's either consider this an attempt at an apology or Spencer finally realizing his dream of seeing Phantom Dust on the Xbox One or PC. Either way, it's happening, and that's all that matters.

Microsoft has confirmed that an HD remaster of the original Phantom Dust is in development and will be released in 2017. This is not the reboot or even the prototype we saw leak onto the Internet. This is the original 2004 Xbox cult-classic, designed by legendary developer Yukio Futatsugi, coming out with a resolution boost and other modern extremities.

Phantom Dust really is an impressive, stylish, and unique game, and to see it get another chance like this is something of a miracle. With the right price tag, this title has the chance to stand out in an age where post-apocalyptic mutant sci-fi action blending with the deck building card game genre might not sound so outlandish. You can thank the indie market for that.

Check out Phantom Dust on the Xbox One and PC in 2017.