Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy might have defined the JRPG for many, many years with their cute and simple fantasy settings, but as we all know, a speinkle of emo storytelling began to leak into the genre during the later 80s.

Fans will often point to Phantasy Star 2 as the watershed moment in this rebellion against conventions, and the classic is now playable on the Xbox One. Be sure to run through it if you think you can handle a grueling, brutal, and absolutely draining experience. Dark Souls will seem so much easier once you scale this mountain.

You’ll also never look at Final Fantasy VII again in the same way, with this game obviously playing a role in how the series evolved.

Joining Phantasy Star 2 are a handful of other SEGA Genesis, arcade classics and arcade-likes including DIG DUG, Runner2, Samurai Shodown II, and Sonic & Knuckles. All excellent, all thrilled to be given another chance.