Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3-VS-Note II

Apple may be going strong with its 4-inch iPhone, but the popularity of phablets—typically defined as smartphones with a display that's 5-inches in size or bigger—is only growing. A new report from research firm Canalys reveals that larger handsets made up 22 percent of all smartphone shipments in Q3 2013, breaking previous records.

Over the past three months, smartphone-makers collectively shipped 56 million phablets. 66 percent of that those shipments were represented by 5-inch devices. Meanwhile, 31 percent of all shipped phablets measured between five and six inches, while just three percent featured screens 6-inches or bigger.

Samsung still dominates the phablet market after introducing the original Galaxy Note back in Oct. 2o11, but at this point the company faces competition from LG, Sony, HTC and even Nokia. As for the six inches and over market, those may still be a bit too cumbersome for most consumers. Canalys argues Samsung just needs to put more marketing behind the 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega, though after trying the over-sized handset out for ourselves, we're not so sure the marketing is its only problem.