PewDiePie’s been given special access to Sony’s The Last Guardian. Today, the YouTuber with like a septillion subscribers uploaded the first Let’s Play video of a game so many of us have waited so long to play.

If you’re a fan, which I totally get some folks aren’t, PewDiePie makes a decent video here. He posts 20-ish minutes of footage, lavishes praise all over the game and offers up some jokes. Standard fare.

Why this matters:

First and foremost, this is a huge moment for The Last Guardian. While not in the hands of a more traditional outlet (which is interesting in and of itself), Sony was confident enough in, what I assume, is a demo build that they handed it to the largest channel on YouTube.

That’s a risk.

It also means we’re closer to The Last Guardian been an honest-to-goodness real thing, and I’m thrilled by that fact.

The Last Guardian is set to hit the PlayStation 4 on December 6, 2016.