Although Facebook may be the darling of the social webs, number two ain’t so bad. Twitter’s rise to prominence has made it a fundamental component of strategic promotions for advertisers, financial institutions, entertainment companies, journalists, and plenty of others. But it shouldn’t get too smug and complacent yet, not with Pinterest hot on the trail.

According to a recently released Pew Internet & American Life Project report, the micro-blogging service may edge out the competitor, but only by a very narrow margin. The survey, conducted at the end of 2012, reveals that Twitter nabbed 16 percent of all U.S. Internet users, while Pinterest garnered 15 percent. However, considering the latter’s upward curve — another earlier survey pegged Pinterest at 12 percent, meaning that it grew three percent in just three months — and you’ve got a genuine contender on your hands.

Of course, neither can compete with the Zuckerprise and its 67 percent, but the race to number two just got really interesting.

Pinterest is largely known for its huge following among females. In what could be the biggest gender disparity in all the social webs, the pinboard-style photo-sharing network’s usebase has five times the number of women than men. So what did those guys share? Well, often it was pictures of food they wish their wives would cook.

In fourth place was Instagram, with 13 percent, followed by Tumblr, at 6 percent. And notably, Google+ — which claimed to be the second most popular social network last month — was absent from this report.

pew-pinterest-twitter-survey-2012Do you use Pinterest? If so, let us know what you use it for, and if you believe that pinning will replace tweeting anytime soon.