Peter Molyneux

Despite what you may have heard, game creator Peter Molyneux is not retiring.

Recently, Molyneux's Twitter account made posts explaining that the developer would be retiring from game development, and that Fable III was his "biggest mistake," and it "pushed me and my team to the limits."

A further post said that Godus, Molyneux's latest project, was to be shut down and removed from Steam. Shortly after, Molyneux confirmed that his account had been the target of a hack and that the was no truth to the tweets posted. Considering he hadn't posted since January of 2015 and was intermittent at best before that, Twitter doesn't seem like the venue he'd choose to make the announcement.

Reactions have been all over the board, with plenty of snark to spare for the creator thanks to his admitted habit of over-promising on products he's excited about.

Here's what Garry Newman, designer of Garry's Mod and Rust had to say in response:

Well said, Newman.

For better or worse, Molyneux isn't going anywhere quite yet.