Persona Super Live (1)

Persona fans! Has the time come for us to finally get a first glance at next game in our beloved series? Atlus has scheduled a “news flash” live-streaming event dedicated to all things Persona on Feb. 4, and hopefully this includes new information on Persona 5.

The event will start at 1:00 PM JST, 11:00 PM EST and 8:00 PM PT on Feb. 3, and will last for a whopping 30 hours of nothing but Persona content. Atlus encourages newcomers to join and experience the charms of the franchise. The stream also overlaps into a huge “Persona Super Live 2015″ concert dedicated to the beloved J-Pop music in the series.

You can view the Stream through the official Persona webpage.

As mentioned before, we are hoping to see Persona 5 for the first time. Producer Katsura Hashino confirmed that news would be shared after the New Year, and with that time now passed, we are pretty confident that this was the reveal he was referring to. Persona 4 Dancing All Night also has yet to be released or have an official date slapped onto it, so maybe we can get some information on that as well.

I’m very excited. I wish I could say Persona 5 is my most anticipated game of 2015, but I’m giving a slight edge to No Man’s Sky just because I have no idea what to expect with that game. If Hashino changes up the formula for Persona as much as he claims, though, that air of mystery might give the JRPG series a new edge. There’s also the looming threat of Final Fantasy XV as well. Ain’t nothing gonna show up that one if it indeed comes out in 2015.

Persona 5 will be released for the PlayStation 3 and 4 in 2015 in both Japan and the States. Persona 4 Dancing All Night will also be released on the PS Vita in 2015.