Atlus has released a fresh pile of artwork for the upcoming JRPG, Persona 5.

If you’re not familiar with this series, here’s the basic idea of what a Persona is. When our heroes enter the dark side of the world, they bring their Personas into battle. The main character can collect and fuse Personas, while the other party members have default Personas of their own. The Personas typically serve as a huge representation of the character’s personality.

The boy with black hair is the game’s protagonist. The blonde guy is Ryuji Sakamoto, and his Persona is Captain Kidd (that’s the pirate-looking Persona, in case the name isn’t clear enough). The white-haired girl is Ann Takamaki, and her persona is Carmen, the one with the massive red and black dress.

Finally, the cat is named Morgana, and her Persona is black, sword-wielding Zorro.

These Personas look awesome, folks. I can’t wait to see what others we come across in the game. Atlus’ art team is doing wonders once more.

Persona 5 was recently delayed out of 2015. The game is set to release for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in the summer of 2016.