Like Persona 3 and Persona 4 before it, Persona 5 is going to have social links. Some of these “cooperation characters,” as they are called this time around, will become your friend, others your confidant, and if you play your cards correctly with a few of them, maybe even your girlfriend.

We all have our favorite Persona 4 girl (mine is Chie), and these are the ones who are going to start the debate all over again. Translations graciously done by Siliconera.

A tarot fortuneteller who tells fortunes in Shinjuku. She’s cheerful and pretty kind of girl, but her fortunetelling is infallible. It is rumored that she’s “an actual fortuneteller” but at the same time, they say that she tries recommending a “strange stone.”

Sadayo is a teacher at Syujin Hgih School. She’s the homeroom teacher of Class 2-B, where the protagonist, Anne, and Mishima are a part of. You’ll often catch her around the school with messy hair and looking pretty sleepy. She appears to be a quiet teacher but…

A gossip journalist in her 20s. She’ll write about anything that sells, and even spins the information in her articles. She was previously a political reporter who went against social evils.

Hifumi is a student at Kosei Public High School. She previously won first place in the Female Shogi League. She’s known as the “shogi player who is too beautiful” due to her appearances. She practices hard and participates in interviews for the sake of her mother and the world of shogi, however…

An elementary school student who hangs out at an Akihabara arcade center. He prides himself in his exceptional talent in a certain online gun shooting game, and is considered to be a prodigy at it. He admires the “power” of the Phantom Thieves, but there seems to be more than what meets the eye about that.

A second-year student at Syujin High School, and also the protagonist’s classmate. He’s part of the Volleyball Club and seems to always find a way to get himself injured. He gets closer to the protagonist after a certain incident.

Toranosuke is a man who gives political speeches by the Shibuya Station. Since starting this 20 years prior, he has lost seven consecutive times in the elections. Only a few people stop to listen to what he has to say, but his speeches are actually pretty good. He is facing the future of the nation in all seriousness.

Persona 5 launches in Japan on Sept. 15 and in North America for the PlayStation 4 on Feb. 27. Of these choices so far, who’s your favorite? You gotta go with the teacher who moonlights as a maid, am I right?