The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best-rated video game in over a decade and one of the biggest games of all time, but it’s not the only game from 2017 taking swipes at the all-time greats. Persona 5 is hanging in there too with aggregate scores comparable to other timeless classics.

According to GamerankingsPersona 5 is launching with a score of 95.31%, jamming it right in between both Half-Life 2 and Grand Theft Auto III, further surrounded by Mass Effect 2, The Last of Us Remastered, Portal 2, and Skyrim. Not bad company to be in at all.

Metacritic isn’t quite as impressive, but it still sits pretty high with an aggregate score of 94. It currently sits a whole six points above Horizon Zero Dawn, the second-highest reviewed PlayStation 4 game of 2017.

Sitting high above its own predecessors

In terms of its own series, Persona 5 is also king of the pile. It sits above both Persona 4 Golden, 94.16% on Gamerankings and 93 on Metacritic, and Persona 3 FES, 87.8% on Gamerankings and 89 on Metacritic.

In other words, this could be the towering achievement to a franchise that is already widely popular and considered one of the best on the market. It’s been a decade since we last saw a main game come from Persona, so fans were already lining up to buy this one. Now, they have even more to look forward to knowing that only good things await.

I’m just happy that my hands-on impressions seem to have fixed the issues that I had with it, namely was was probably a broken controller. And, the only way I can see Persona 5 possibly being better is a Nintendo Switch or PS Vita port. As usual, I just don’t have 80 hours lying around to sink into a JRPG anymore unless I take it with me on the train. Maybe Atlus will work something out down the line.

We’ll be sure to deliver our thoughts once we get our hands on it.