Persona 5 might have been pushed back into next summer, but look on the bright side. That just means more time for media blitzes and fun little tidbits into the lives of our heroes.

The latest information from Japan spells out the characters’ alternate identities when they are touring the demon world. Each takes on the guise of a famous outlaw from fiction as part of their “Heart’s Phantom Thieves” group. They are dedicated to stealing from corrupt adults and fighting fire with fire in a dishonest world.

Our protagonist, as we have guessed by now, is modeled after the French gentleman thief, Arsene Lupin, and his flamboyant buddy Ryuji models himself after the pirate William Captain Kidd. The cat Morgana is modeled after the one and only Zoro, and Anne’s alternate ego is named Carmen.

I can only assume that means Carmen San Diego, which is about as great as it gets.

In addition to this news, a fifth character named Yuusuke Kitagawa has been introduced. He is an honor student at high school who specializes in painting, and his alternate ego is based off of the legendary Japanese thief Goemon.

Persona 5 turned up big at Tokyo Game Show 2015, even if it wasn’t playable… and it got delayed. Wait a minute, it didn’t turn up big. That’s fine, because it is still one of the most anticipated JRPGs on the PlayStation 4, and we got the opening theme song for it. Check that out below