Just as I had thought. Atlus had mentioned it had a new project ready to announce this weekend, but with four games already in the works, it didn't exactly need a fifth one to add to the mix.

Instead, during its live steam event this weekend, the company announced that its ultra popular game, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Golden, would be getting its own anime adaptation set to hit the Japanese airwaves in July called Persona 4: The Golden Animation.

This will be the second time Persona 4 will receive an anime adaptation, with the first airing two years ago and being simply called Persona 4: The Animation. Atlus isn't really stretching the imagination when it comes to these titles, I guess.

Persona 4's predecessor, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, has been given the anime treatment before on the big screen in feature length format, but it has never been given a direct adaptation as a television show. Only a loosely based non-canonical spin-off had ever been released.

I would call this great news, mostly because Atlus needs to keeping striking it big if it wants to retain its current front-runner status. Too many Persona games means less time to play them individually, and they are seriously long games. Another anime is definitely the way to further cash in on the series' popularity. The first series was a pretty huge hit, and Atlus has retained most of the staff to work on this latest series.

Marie, a character exclusive to the PS Vita port, looks to be playing a big role in this series. Anybody down for watching?