Persona 4 Golden, for those that may not already know, is a remake of the PlayStation 2’s Persona 4. Persona 4 was arguably one of the best JPRGs to release for the PlayStation 2, as it was adored by fans and both critically and commercially successful.

The Golden remake for the PS Vita will feature new story elements, new characters, new personas and new mechanics. As the trailer at the head of this post shows off for more than a quick minute, Persona 4 Golden will likely catch the attentions of both old fans and newcomers alike.

It will likely stand as one of the best PlayStation Vita titles to release since the system’s launch.

Persona 4 Golden is currently slated to ship exclusively for the PlayStation Vita on November 20th of this year in North America. It is one of the biggest handheld JRPGs to release this holiday season.

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