Persona 4, when it launched for the PlayStation 2 back in 2008, was regarded as one of the best Japanese RPGs to come out in a long, long time. Fans loved the charm, the premise, the storyline, the length and the mechanics within the title. Atlus was responsible for developing the title and eventually bringing it to the States.

Now, Atlus is doing the same thing again with Persona 4 Golden for the PlayStation Vita. This is a remake of Persona 4 with remastered visuals, new personas, more vocal dialogue, new online features, collectibles and a whole lot more.

The trailer you see at the head of this posts represents a broad stroke over what you'll be doing in the world of Persona should you elect to pick this game up. Sure, there's dungeon crawling and turn-based battle mechanics, but there's also a social code, going to school, meeting love interests and riding scooters.

Persona 4 is wonderful, really. And it's one of the PS Vita games I've been looking forward to most since its initial announcement. Persona 4 Golden is set to ship on November 20th of this year.