Persona 4’s Yu Narukami, his default name apparently, was a perfect avatar to get involved with the Inaba countryside gang, playing out your every wish without once talking back. Ever since Persona 4 Arena, though, he’s had way too much to say and is almost an entirely different character than I had imagined him to be in the real game.

I don’t care about your motivations, kid. Just shut up and do what I tell you! I guess that’s the downside of multi-media franchises. Can’t sell an anime with a silent hero.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night brings our hero back once again as he dances and sings to your input commands. All seems like it’s going well, but then he starts talking about wanting to prove his enthusiasm on the grand “Midnight Stage.” No, no, no! My Persona 4 hero is a confident bag of awesome, and doesn’t need to prove crap to anybody! Enthusiasm is for losers!

Who is this imposter? Is it a Shadow?

Oh well, he does invite his BFF Yosuke onto the stage to dance with him a bit, and much like leading lady Rise, their legs seem to have extended to twice their normal length since the events of Persona 4. A new curse perhaps? The gang must band together on the Midnight Stage to repel the effects of their bodies being twisted and distorted beyond recognition.

That’s a story I would love to play through!

Persona 4 Dancing All Night will be released in Japan on June 25 for the PS Vita. No North American release date has been confirmed yet, but Atlus has stated it will happen.