While the JRPG world eagerly awaits the launch of Persona 5 next summer, let’s all take one last time to remember the cast of Persona 4, who will probably begin to fade from popularity with the coming of the latest Japanese high school demon slayers. Chie, Kanji, Yuki, Teddie, the whole gang will be appearing in one final game that will be launching today for the PS Vita: Persona 4 Dancing All Night.

Of course, it’s not a typical outing with our old friends, being a rhythm game and all… or is it? It’s safe to say that Atlus hit pure gold with these characters as it has released in countless spin-offs including a sub-series of fighting games, an anime, and a first-person dungeon crawler. With the addition of Dancing All Night and its sick beats, it seems the only genres Atlus didn’t tap was first-person shooters and dating simulators.

Wait, Persona 4 already kind of was a dating simulator! Way to run the gamut, Atlus!

Be sure to check out Persona 4: Dancing All Night today for the PS Vita. It launches for $49.99, and those who buy it in the first week will get the bikini DLC for free. Sorry, but Chie’s Kill Bill/Game of Death outfit is much more fun, I think.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is out on the PS Vita.