Persona 2

We already knew that Persona 2: Eternal Punishment had been given a Teen ESRB rating and would be coming to the PlayStation Network sooner or later, but I didn't expect it to pop up this quickly. With only a one week turnaround, Atlus' hard-to-find PlayStation RPG will be available as a PlayStation One Classic.

No pricing has been mentioned, but expect anywhere between $6 – $10 as with most PlayStation One games through the store. Generally, popular RPGs have walked away with a $10 price tag, but smaller titles like Suikoden and Wild ARMs dip into the lower end of the scale.

Luckily the turnaround came pretty quickly because now you can use that $10 voucher PlayStation sent their fans on a game that will generally run you a minimum of $70 on Amazon or eBay. I never did use it on Xenogears or Chrono Cross, so it looks like those games will have to wait another day.

If you haven't opened your voucher from Sony, please do so quickly. It will expire on March 5.

With the release of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, every game in the long running series is now available for the first time through digital channels. If battling demonic hordes in traditional JRPG form is not your thing, then there is always the PlayStation 2 Classic option this week, Dora's Big Birthday Adventure.