periscope 12 copy

Periscope already has a healthy lead over its rival live streaming app Meerkat, but the Twitter-owned company isn't slowing down. Instead, it just rolled out a pretty big update for iOS, adding an entirely new way to search for streams along with a few other helpful features.

Map View replaces the current "Global" section, which you can access by tapping the earth icon at the bottom of the app's homescreen. It shows a map of the world, grouping live streams by country. You can see how many people are broadcasting all over the planet before picking a region to check in on.

Periscope notes that it always planned on including Map View, but decided to wait until it had a big enough user base. Now that the new feature has launched, the company is celebrating with a video that compiles some of the best live streams shared on the app from around the world so far.

The company also announced a few other improvements, including support for a total of 29 different languages. Moving forward, videos will upload automatically for instant replay, though you can still delete them if you want. It's also possible to share another person's stream directly to Twitter.

For now, all these new features are limited to iOS, though we assume an update for the recently released Android app is in the works as well.