It’s been just over four months since Periscope first launched. Now the Twitter-owned live streaming app says it has already hit 10 million users. It also shared a few other impressive stats.

Beyond the sheer number of people who’ve signed up for Periscope, the company says it’s even more impressed by how often everyone is actually using it. Collectively, Periscope users now watch roughly 40 years of video per day. That includes iOS and Android along with people watching from a web browser, which is apparently a “huge viewership” on its own.

Periscope says that the amount of video watched is a more important number than the number of people who use the service daily, which has also increased. A chart, which only covers Android and iOS, suggests the service is nearing 2 million daily active users.

Of course, live streaming still isn’t as popular as regular web videos; YouTube streams billions of videos every day. Still, it looks like Periscope is doing pretty well for itself. That’s good news for Twitter, along with any other live streaming apps looking to carve out their own slice of the market.