On Wednesday, Apple is expected to unveil a brand new Apple TV, complete with upgraded specs, and an App Store for games and more. One of the headlining apps, according to anonymous sources speaking with TechCrunch, will be Periscope, the darling live-streaming app scooped up by Twitter. Now you can watch your buddy’s Periscope right on your TV.

The live-streaming movement has taken mobile by storm, turning seemingly every smartphone owner into a reality TV star. What better way to expand the service’s reach than by debuting a brand new app for Apple’s fancy new set-top box? TechCrunch admits that the exact functionality of the app is unknown, though it’s likely to allow users to easily view streams from around the world.

If true, it’s likely Periscope will be one of many third-party apps set to debut for Apple’s new set-top box, which is rumored to feature universal search and a redesigned remote control. Additionally, reports have claimed the device will support third-party gaming controllers, as the device is said to come with a heavy gaming focus.

There are ways to cast Periscope streams to TVs, but a dedicated app would make the process much easier. It’s unclear if Apple will parade new third-party apps at tomorrow’s unveiling, but it sure would be the perfect event to do it at. We’ll find out tomorrow what kind of experience Apple’s new streaming box has in store.