Feardemic has partnered with developer The Deep End Games to bring Perception to the PlayStation 4. The word officially comes from Creative Director Bill Gardner on the PlayStation Blog.

Perception has the distinct look of a unique psychological horror game. It takes place in an abandoned, probably haunted, horrifically disturbing estate. That’s not the hook, though. The hook in Perception is that players take on the role of Cassie, a blind girl with great hearing.

Here’s a gameplay trailer from 2015 (keep in mind things could have changed):

Well, this looks terrifying

Having the world go completely dark as Cassie’s vision forms between taps and echoes? Yeah, that makes for some intriguing psychological horror. This is one I’ll gladly watch but will never play.

I’m a chicken.

Perception doesn’t have a solid release date yet. It was Kickstarted back in 2015. It comes from developers who made BioShock and Dead Space. On top of the PS4, it’s also slated for PC.