If you're an iOS or Android device owner and you've never played Monument Valley, you should give it a shot. It's not an overly long or challenging affair, but it's a beautiful game that's obviously been made with a lot of love. It sells for $3.99.

The first expansion pack for the game released this week on iOS (the Android version is coming soon), and the developers are selling it as an in-app purchase for $1.99. The original game had 10 levels, this expansion offers eight for half the cost. Two bucks. That's less than a terrible "coffee" from Starbucks.

The bad news? The iOS gaming community decided to flood the game with 1-star reviews after the DLC release. People are upset that they have to spend two smackers to unlock a slew of extra content from a game that only cost them four bucks to begin with.

Here's the developer on Twitter:

They're so frustrated that they even lashed out against the silly freemium model that most iOS gamers seem to want from developers.

I'm not really sure how to put this in kind or polite words. The fact of the matter is that what people are doing to Monument Valley, well, sucks. People seem to be mad that the developers are charging for more game, stating that it's not fair. They argue that the content should be free after the initial $4 purchase (one that most in the review section say was too high to begin with).

One reviewer writes, "I think they should stop being greedy." Greedy for what? Money for goods rendered?

It's the freemium model that's slowly ruining games, folks. It's the free titles (or premium ones) with in-game microtransactions that are making gaming a rough space to exist in.

Heck, Monument Valley could easily sell for $10 or $15 on consoles, handhelds or the PC. Most mobile gamers talk about "console quality gaming" as something they want to experience on their platform. That quality comes at a price, and you can't ask for the quality without being willing to support the developers producing it.

Certainly, the $2 you pay for the extra hour of entertainment you get from Monument Valley will be worth more to you than the watered down burnt pumpkin spice iced coffee you drank this morning. Surely.