Pentax Unilateral Pricing PolicyAs of April 1, Pentax has put a unilateral pricing policy in place. Pentax is not the first company to do this. Sony and Nikon are already using a similar pricing policy. The unilateral pricing policy is going to place restrictions on how much resellers of Pentax camera equipment can lower their prices. This means that a lot of the Pentax equipment that is usually sold at a discounted rate is going to jump back up to the MSRP. The D* 16-50mm lens, for example, has gone up from $799 to $1499 in most places. That is a $700 increase.

Pentax has been known to sell very affordable bang-for-the-buck camera equipment. With this new policy in place, the price of Pentax gear is now comparable to the “Big Two” (Canon and Nikon). It is going to be interesting to see how this new pricing policy works out for Pentax.

What do you think about the new Unilateral Pricing Policy that Pentax has put in place?

[Via: Pentax Forums]