The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) isn't the only government body shifting away from BlackBerry devices in favor of iOS or Android. A new report on Monday suggests that the Pentagon is also planning to allow employees to carry devices with operating systems from Google and Apple.

The Washington Post said that the Pentagon is preparing to allow other devices on its network, which means the Defense Department might be considering a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach. The Pentagon's new security will support 162,500 Android devices at launch, as well as the iPad, and there are plans to expand the capacity in an effort to secure as many as 8 million devices. The Pentagon will still allow its employees to carry BlackBerry devices, however, since an existing system is already in place.

"The Pentagon's Defense Information Systems Agency plans to award the mobile device management contract to a single company by April," The Washington Post explained "The contract will probably be for one year with options to extend it an additional two years. Bids are due Nov. 27." RIM's BlackBerry Mobile Fusion software support device management of iOS, Android and BlackBerry smartphones, so it's possible the internal systems will still be powered by RIM.

[via The Washington Post]