Last week, the BBC published an undercover report revealing worker mistreatment at a Pegatron factory where the iPhone 6 is assembled. According to the BBC, Pegatron employees were often forced to work 11-hour days and 55-hour weeks. Workers were even documented napping while on the job. Now, the company has responded with a promise to look into those allegations, DigiTimes reports.

In an official statement at the Taiwan Stock Exchange, the company said it will look into the new claims. Pegatron said that safety has always been a priority, and pointed to its own high-standards and regular external inspections. The company also says it offers employees multiple ways to report issues, claiming that 94 percent of these problems are typically solved within three days.

Apple previously responded to the report in an internal email, refuting several of the BBC's claims directly and saying it was "deeply offended" by the allegations against one of its supply partners.