Foxconn may be the first name that comes to mind when you think of Apple’s iPhone assembly lines, but Cupertino has increasingly turned to other Chinese companies like Pegatron to help carry the load. Now we’re getting an inside look at Pegatron’s massive facilities following claims of labor abuse and excessive overtime.

The company invited Bloomberg for a factory tour, which mostly focuses on how Pegatron uses technology to cut down on wasted time. The facility uses a combination of ID scanners and face-recognition software to track its workers as they come and go. Once someone hits the maximum work week of 60 hours, they’re automatically blocked from entering the facility, a method that has helped avoid excessive overtime.

Pegatron’s massive factory takes up as much space as roughly 90 football fields and holds as many as 50,000 employees. It includes shuttle buses, huge cafeterias, green areas and koi ponds, along with an on-site fire house, police station and post office. The facility offers modern amenities like free Wi-Fi and employee lounges, but the anti-suicide nets made famous by Foxconn are present here as well.

Security is also a major issue for Pegatron. The company uses metal detectors to keep employees from bringing any camera-equipped gadgets into the factory where they could take a photo of an unannounced Apple product and leak it online. Of course, that hasn’t stopped new iPhone leaks from rolling in faster than ever.

Take a peek inside in the gallery above and be sure to check out the full profile in Bloomberg below.