Pebble on Wednesday pushed out a firmware update to its line of smart watches, bringing users up to version 1.9. The update adds a more elegant UI, and also comes with more watch faces. And, of all things, Snake—that timeless dumbphone game you used to spend hours playing, was also included.

No matter your opinion on smart watches, Pebble has etched its name on the stone of technology. I'm not particularly convinced something like this is needed, especially when you can't even do anything, like respond to email or messages, from the watch itself. But there's a market out there to be had—both Samsung and Apple reportedly want a piece.

In any case, owners can initiate the update through the Pebble smartphone app by tapping "check for FW update." After that, you can start enjoying the refined UI and more watch faces. And check your email on the watch and then respond to it through your smartphone.