Pebble recently announced a new firmware update for the Pebble Time that should improve the user experience. The company said it’s addressing tons of feedback it received from Pebble Time owners and that new firmware is available now.

The first major change is a tweak to the backlight software that increases the intensity of the light and duration it stays on, which means it won’t dim on you while you’re still trying to read the screen. Additionally, Pebble now allows you to control the intensity of the vibration for notifications that you feel on your wrist; it will also allow you to customize layouts and font sizes for notifications.

Finally, Pebble also provided an update on issuing new software for older Pebble and Pebble Steel devices. Those smartwatches will receive the new timeline and unlimited apps features “later this year” Pebble said. “Rest assured that it’s a leading priority for the software team,” the company explained.

You can update your Pebble Time by navigating to menu > support > Update your Pebble from the iOS or Android app.