Woot currently has an incredible deal on the Pebble Time Steel. The flash sale site is offering the Pebble Time Steel for $99.99 for the next 15 hours or until supplies run out. The watch usually retails for $249, so you’re saving a bunch of dough.

The only catch is that Woot is selling factory refurbished Pebble Time Steel units, which might not be as attractive to folks who like their things new. I’ve used a lot of smartwatches over the years, though, and I have to say the normal Pebble Time continues to impress me more and more. If I didn’t already own one, I’d buy the Pebble Time Steel for $99 in a heartbeat.

Woot has two options available, including silver/stone leather and gold/red leather. Customers can purchase a limit of 3 Pebble Time Steel watches at once.