Pebble Time supporters will begin receiving their brand new smartwatch soon, with early orders now shipping out to Kickstarter backers. Pebble has also announced that pre-orders for those who didn’t purchase through Kickstarter will begin on June 22.

Pebble announced last week that the first Pebble Time batches would be on their way to customers this week, despite rumors that the company is in trouble, and now it has confirmed in an update on its blog that everything is going as smoothly as planned.

If you haven’t already received a shipping notification with a tracking number for your Pebble Time, you can expect to receive one very soon. The first 10,000 orders will be shipping out from five distribution centers around the world this week.

“From there, we’ll keep on shipping!” Pebble says.

Don’t worry if you didn’t back the Pebble Time on Kickstarter, because you’ll still get an opportunity to buy one very soon. Pre-orders officially begin on June 22, at which point anyone can order a Pebble Time of their choosing.

There’s no word on when those pre-orders will begin shipping yet, however; that will all depend on how long it takes for Pebble to fulfill Kickstarter orders. But it’s probably safe to assume Pebble Time pre-orders will ship much quicker than Apple Watch pre-orders.

You can register your interest in Pebble Time now via the Pebble website, and you’ll be notified when those pre-orders go live.