The Pebble Time just started shipping to its first Kickstarter backers, and iFixit already has a full teardown for the new smartwatch. It turns out Pebble’s latest wearable may just be the most repairable ever, scoring an impressive 9 out of 10.

The only issue you’ll face when dissembling the Pebble Time is the adhesive holding the front glass in place. You need to heat it up before the cover comes off, revealing all the tiny hardware inside. After that everything pulls apart pretty easily with just a little prying and bit of unscrewing.

The largest component in side the Pebble Time is the battery, which is still pretty tiny at just 150mAh. It still promises seven days of use per charge though, thanks to the device’s low-power display. The motherboard, microphone and vibration module all come out easily as well.

At that point all that’s left is an empty shell. The teardown also offers a look at some pretty thick bezels, which don’t appear to serve any real purpose. We wish Pebble could have slimmed down that design a bit, since it makes the new watch look pretty clunky compared to the Apple Watch and some Android Wear devices.

Still, the Pebble Time is pretty impressive from the inside, though whether it can really compete for a space on your wrist remains to be seen. We’ll have way more coverage on this little smartwatch just as soon as our own units arrive.