Pebble recently updated its iOS and Android apps, and now it is officially rolling out new firmware for the actual Pebble Time watch hardware. There are a few features that might help improve your experience, so listen up.

First, the update fixes the usual bugs and stability issues that most firmware updates seem to address. Pebble said it also fixed the way calendar reminders are displayed on the timeline and that there’s now a new Quiet Time so you can stop the Pebble from alerting you of new notifications during certain hours — like during a meeting or when you’re trying to catch some Zzzs.

Another new feature, currently in beta, is called “Stand-by Mode” and will turn off Bluetooth if the Pebble hasn’t been used for a half hour. This would presumably stop notifications from coming in, but — we assume — could help extend the battery life pretty drastically. Finally, if you have the latest iOS or Android app installed, the firmware now supports French, German and Spanish voice and display languages.

Pebble said you can update the Pebble Time or PEbble Time Steel by opening the iOS or Android app and tapping Menu > Support > Update your Pebble.