Pebble promised a May launch when it started its Pebble Time Kickstarter earlier this year, and so far it’s on track to make that window of delivery. The company announced earlier this week that mass production of the Pebble Time will begin this week.

Pebble admitted that it’s a week behind schedule, but that most orders placed at the early end of the Kickstarter campaign should ship this month, right on schedule. “Some backers at the end of the May reward line will see their watches ship the first week of June,” Pebble explained in its latest Kickstarter update.

The company highlighted some of the features of its new color display, which will show color-coded notifications and animations when you receive alerts. The first software release will include features such as the new timeline interface, additional app storage, a new sports app, voice replies to Android phones and more. In a later update, Pebble will include voice response to Gmail notifications in iOS, a voice notes app, a stocks app, a weather watchface and album art view for the music app, the company explained, but those features won’t be available immediately.

The company said it will begin charging customer’s cards next week as it begins to ship out the devices. We can’t wait to check one out soon.