For the time being, the "Internet of Things" is all about connecting other products to your smartphone, but in the future all your home appliances will seamlessly interact with each other as well. Today that future gets a little bit closer thanks to a new app for the Pebble smartwatch giving it control over Honeywell's evohome smart zoning thermostat.

Now you can control your entire Honeywell evohome system with a Pebble smartwatch, so you can change the temperature even if you don't have your smartphone on-hand. Evohome lets you control each radiator in your home individually by attaching a small device. Once you're set up you can divide your home or office into as many as twelve separate zones, heating one floor or room without having to waste any extra energy on the rest of the building.

Honeywell followed up evohome with its even newer Lyric smart thermostat, a straightforward single thermostat unit designed to compete directly with Nest. It's nice to see the company still supporting its older products though, and hopefully this means we'll see Pebble support coming to the Honeywell Lyric in the near future we well.